Friday, September 25, 2009

Hard to believe

This photo is from July 8, such a short time ago, when they had not even broken ground for Lester's Flat. These are my chairs on the yet-to-be-created front porch. (Compare with front-porch photo from Sept 19.) Unfortunately the big apple tree on the right broke apart when they tried to move it, but we have so many other apple trees that, with therapy, we will probably get over that.

I have been home in NJ for a week now, and I do miss being up there to watch over things. Lester, Sophie and I also miss our daily walks to the creek. Walking them on leashes up Cinnaminson Ave to pick up my car at the mechanic's today just doesn't measure up. But I did need those new tires and front brakes to make all that traveling back and forth a bit safer.

Coming back north on Monday—I have to rush a big check to the builder to cover the window purchase. In another 2 weeks, it should be looking like a totally finished house...if only from the outside.

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