Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harvard Slate and the poor old Mac

The roof is almost completely shingled. Now that I see it in person, Harvard slate was definitely the best color choice.

I haven't been back to talk to the guys yet, because I am trying to resolve some software issues on my old iMac. I had to purchase an upgrade to the operating system so that I could upgrade my Quark software, so that I could continue to work from up here in NY. It's a real shame that everything Mac is considered antiquated after 3 or 4 years. The computer itself works fine, but nothing will run unless you upgrade the OS, and after a certain point there isn't enough memory to do that. Then what am I supposed to do, just throw it in the trash? Oh wait, you can't do that either...

One hour later: Successfully installed Tiger. Who knew that my computer speaks 15 languages, including Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian? Wish I could say the same for me.

Four hours later: Installed Tiger and then tried to upgrade Quark (which is the reason I had to buy and install Tiger!). Get an error message saying Tiger needs to be updated to 10.4.11. So I go through all that, and then succeed in upgrading Quark. Then I decide to be clever with my newly updated OLD Mac, and I download and update Firefox. As soon as it installs, it tells me I have to upgrade THAT to a later version. So I go again, and it tells me I need to update my Adobe Flash Player...this is neverending! But at least this old Mac will be ever so chic and sleek when I am done...if ever.

If you think this is boring for you to read, imagine me sitting here for 5 hours and waiting for all this magic.

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