Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Tuesday

Too much was going on today, and I didn't take enough photos. At least I was here for the important parts. The concrete septic tank was installed (in the hole in the second photo) and leach fields in place but nothing filled in yet. (I might need to update this later to correct language, but I am merely a graphic artist trying to talk builder-lingo.)

I had a good long talk with Scott the Excavator and Jim the Builder today (both in the photo with a newly coiffed Kaya). Scott expects to finish up his work this week. He will dig the trench for all the things that need to make it back to the house (water, electric, phone line for DSL) and he said he can finish grading AND drag the dock back to the creek for us (no easy task without his equipment, this thing is HEAVY). Electrician and plumber are also supposed to make an appearance this week.

I spent most of the afternoon at Northrup's (bath showroom) and Endwell Carpet (bamboo, cork, slate and linoleum flooring). Great fun picking out this stuff, but time-consuming and difficult to make final choices without The Husband's input. I am taking home a lot of samples with me this Thursday, maybe by next week when I come back I will have some decisions made.

Coyotes are howling again out there tonight. Makes me realize just how much "in the North country" I really am. Think I'll close the windows and hope I can't hear them with a pillow over my head...quite the chilling sound! Sort of a cross between a rooster, a turkey, and a hound dog...if you can imagine that. Maybe I need to make you a visual of that someday.

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