Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A visit with Jersey in Jersey

Lester and Sophie had a nice visit with Jersey Girl while we were home in NJ. We are headed back to NY today to see what progress they have made since Labor Day. We are now at the point where we have to figure out how to best spend the rest of the money from the loan. Do we finish the kitchen and bathrooms? Or the floors and drywall?

I am going to the bank in Cooperstown this week to see if we might get a small loan to make up the difference. If not, at least we'll have a house that is finished from the outside. It will be tough to walk away from it after Thanksgiving and not come back until next spring. Maybe we'll have to sneak up a few times over the winter...

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  1. Jersey Girl9/9/09, 11:46 AM

    Hey, that's me!!! I loved spending time with you and Lester and Sophie and Tim. I love to go swimming on a hot day. Take care!