Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Windows and lights and such

With any luck, the window order is finally going in this week, after one more check-up by the doctors. They should be delivered in about 2 weeks, although the 5-wide unit for the living room could take a bit longer. Once the windows go in, the siding can go on, and the rest of the exterior can be finished up before it starts snowing up there in the north country.

I am in my shopping stage, which definitely terrifies The Husband! I have to purchase all those fun things like toilets and bathtubs and sinks and kitchen counters and dishwashers and ovens—you know, all those things that when you find out how expensive they really are, it makes you cringe. I am making good progress though, and hopefully not blowing the budget. Two great finds, IMHO, are the lights in these pictures. The first is for the front porch, next to the front door, the second—two of them for over the kitchen island. Both of these were clearance items I found online, one from Pottery Barn and the other from Sundance Catalog. Caught the pendants just before they disappeared.

But I might have to take a blacksmithing class at the Farmer's Museum, because I just refuse to pay $9 apiece for knobs for the kitchen cabinets...

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