Sunday, October 4, 2009

Report from NJ

Jim the Builder and Jesse the Electrician never showed up on Friday. We'll have to do that walkthrough next week sometime. I hope that Jim was able to get the hole dug around the wellhead so that Wayne the Well Guy can make it out there this week and make whatever connections will bring water to the new house, and maintain the connection in The Dump. Also saying a silent prayer that the heating oil will hold out in The Dump until the new place is livable. I don't want to have to keep dumping kerosene in the tank and then have to get rid of it when we finally dump The Dump.

We ordered the iron stair balusters, reluctantly paying the $100 shipping, and we plan to put in the order for the slate tiles that will cover the living room, downstairs entry and bath floors, and the upstairs bath floor and shower surround. These will be coming from Vermont, and talk about shipping! the cost of shipping these on a lift truck is almost $300...but worth it I think for the quality tiles and the fact that the guys won't have to magically lift 2,000 pounds of slate off the back of the truck. Silly me, I thought I was going to pick it up in the CR-V!

This photo is my favorite little shed, with the new house in the background (click to see larger). It is from several weeks ago, but gives a good overall view of the "lay of the land".

Going back up with The Husband, who is currently in DC, this Friday and staying for the whole following week.

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