Thursday, October 15, 2009

We have windows, all but one

Windows finally were delivered today, except for the big one that goes in the living room...the one we all were waiting for...the 5-gang unit. We did manage to find some more fresh eggs in Richfield Springs (thanks, Anna); we reported a car accident in front of the school while we were there; we met with Gary the Farm Table Guy; and then followed up with Karen the Kitchen Lady. (Thanks to Gary and Karen as well!)

I can't decide if we're further along or more confused about where we are going with our kitchen and bath design, but I think we have some work for Gary either way. When Gordy cleans out the kitchen for us tomorrow, we are going to take our layouts and chalk them out on the floor. It remains to be determined if there is enough room for a counter with stools on the island, and still maintain a clear path from front door through the back, looking out the dining room windows.

And then there's that 3" to 6" of snow October Nor'easter that is headed our way, supposedly. Libby and Aunty Emby are reconsidering their visit for this weekend. And Jack and Emma, the Cookie House folks were supposed to come today for a visit, but changed their minds about a nice country drive with threats of impending stormy weather.

Maybe we'll get a real storm and get stuck up here for the rest of the winter. Wouldn't that be lovely.

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