Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Iron railings and slate floors

I am not ashamed to admit that I stole the idea for my iron railing balusters from this Pottery Barn catalog photo. The Husband and I both like the simplicity of it, and when we agree so easily on something like that, we have to run with it. Only difference is a wood handrail and newel post, still to be determined what type of wood and what style.

I also kind of like the green painted risers. I would probably have done white, but this makes me think a darker color would look good...still thinking about it.

The first floor will have dark slate (Vermont black) and light bamboo (vertical grain caramelized) floors. The stair treads are bamboo as well. The second floor will be a medium dark cork, and green slate tiles in the bath.

I have not even begun to choose paint colors for the walls, but I know the tongue-and-groove ceilings in the screen porch and dining room are white, and the front porch roof, sky blue. Brett, one of the workers, says he thinks I'm crazy for painting the clear pine T&G, but I'm convinced this will look best considering what the other finishes will be.

Still though, it is very hard to imagine what details you want when the rooms aren't finished. We don't even have the windows in yet, not even close to having drywall. We picked all of the crazy colors in our current house after years of living in each space and imagining what they would look like. I predict that we will choose all the colors, and then end up changing them after we have lived there for awhile. It would be nice if we could get it right the first time...

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