Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Making a mudhole and a trip to Oneonta

Metal monster was back this morning to find the well connection that needs to be adjusted. Jim the Builder was digging from up top, while Jim the Worker was down in the hole with a shovel. He got pulled away from working on Lester's Flat to go to another new house construction, and this is the dirty job he has to come back for? I am so sorry, Jim!

You can see in the third photo who the real boss on the job is...Kaya, Queen of the Hill.

The Husband and I interrupted Kelly's lunch on a surprise trip to the bath showroom in Oneonta. We had a good look at some possible upstairs bath fixtures, and even a better look at some kitchen faucets and sinks. Need more time to make all these tough decisions...

So we had to stop at Brook's Barbecue while we were in town. Much better than having to cook on the grill in the rain!

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