Friday, November 6, 2009

Still wintry and wet, warmer weather on the way

Friend Jane and I were supposed to go for a nice long walk today, but it's just too raw and nasty out there. It is supposed to warm up to maybe even 60° on Sunday, but I am going back to Jersey tomorrow. I expect it will be even warmer down there, so this time I am happy to go home.

The front door isn't coming until Tuesday. That and the french doors and the insulation should all be in by next week, so when I do come back, things should be warm and toasty in there and some drywall should follow soon after. I want them to finish the basement first so The Husband and I can start moving the bed and some other things down there when we come up for Thanksgiving. With no kitchen or bathroom done yet, we can sleep there and come back to the drafty Dump during the day. We'll pretend we're camping out in the new house...just cuz I want to.

I finally put in the order for the kitchen cabinets and counters yesterday. Today I bought a small oak dresser (only $45!) that I hope will be my master bathroom vanity. I have to either find a marble top and buy a drop-in sink for it, or if it fits and if I can afford it, get a nice Kohler integrated cast iron sink/tabletop. I figure with the money I saved by not getting a $500 vanity that I don't even like, I can play around with the sink and faucet and get something I really do like.

Cousin Greg is waiting for the warmer weather on Sunday to come and rescue my dock. He said he'll try to float it back upstream and leave it on high ground for a springtime installation. Since temps are going down into the teens tonight, I worry that even a wetsuit won't keep him warm in that cold, cold water... We really owe you big time, Greg!

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