Sunday, November 15, 2009

No more Nor'easter in NJ!

Finally, after 4 days of wind and rain, the sun has reappeared! This photo is a rare shot of the boys at home, hanging out together. They are in the back room with our new $200 piano ($440 if you include moving it here)...a real bargain.

Since I have been in NJ all week, I have no new photos of Lester's Flat, but there has been progress. The front door and insulation are in. Forgot to ask if the french doors made it as well. The screen porch is finished up in the back, and the sheet rock guys are coming on Tuesday to rock the whole house.

Cousin Greg did his best to rescue the dock—he dragged it back through the water to where it started out, but as a one-man operation, that was the best he could do. Let's hope this $25 bridge to nowhere doesn't end up being a lifetime project. It was supposed to be just a quick fix to give us access to our property on the other side of the creek.

I am heading back to NY tomorrow to see what's happenin'. I have to meet with Gary the Farm Table guy to firm up plans for the kitchen island. I also have to finish up my bathroom and kitchen orders with Kelly at Northrups and Karen at Bruce Hall. It is finally time to make all decisions final.

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