Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holding up the beginning and the end—rain.

Very similar to last year in June, it has been rainy for the past week or so. Bad weather held up the beginnings of our house, and now it appears to be holding up the end.

I came up last night (nice sky pic) and spent most of today inside because of stormy weather. It was nice to see the garage all framed up and ready to go (other pic), but nobody showed up today to work. I guess they won't do the siding and framing in the rain. I know they can't start the lawn for the same reason.

But they CAN finish up the few things left on the punchlist inside the house! I e-mailed my friend Chrissy, the builder's wife, to tell her to give her hub a hard time about not having my house done almost one year from the start date (July 10). MY hub is planning to move up here next week, and he's not thrilled about having work done on the house while he's here. Personally, I prefer to be here while they're working, but enough is done at this point that I don't really feel the need to supervise anymore.

BTW, the photo quality is not so good because I stupidly forgot—not my camera—but the battery charger and USB cable. So these pics are from my new Samsung phone...

Also: that's the fringe tree getting watered on the front porch. Thank you so much, Miss Janet! All the plants arrived safely. Now I just have to wait for drier weather to plant them. And that cut-crystal bowl is prominently displayed on the island holding a tomato, 3 bananas and a yam. Thanks also for finding that little treasure in my china closet while packing with me the other day.

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