Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chazoo is selling the Magic Barn...oh no!

"Historic 1770 Farm,built by General Herkimer's brother.Situated on 4.5 acres with an earlier Barn and a 4 room Caretaker Cottage.The Barn is the 'Hall of Fame of Magicians & Clowns'.The contents is for sale, make offers.Perfect for an antique shop or restore to the old Post & Beam home-stead. $169,900"

Maybe the listing's poor grammar and big price will scare away potential buyers. The 2 acres that Charlie (Chazoo) reserved when we bought The Dump are very much adjacent to our new home. (That's the Magic Barn to the left of the new house in the photo at the top of the blog.) Let's hope that WalMart doesn't get wind of this sale! That nice old barn will disappear in a matter of seconds. I only wish we could afford to buy it. It would make a nice home for those goats and sheep and chickens we're thinking about...

The Husband (Eddie Albert to my Eva Gabor) is semi-permanently moved into the new house. Only with no furniture other than what we pulled from The Dump, it isn't exactly home yet. We can only fit so much stuff in the CR-V, and the dogs are usually occupying the whole back seat when we travel. At least, with so many trips back and forth, we are getting a lot of the clutter out of this old house to make it more attractive to all those stingy buyers who don't seem interested in buying right now. We have only shown it twice, and once was to a friend of a friend before it was even listed.

Jim the Builder is doing his best to get us finished up in the new house, but I think he is feeling the pressure from his other jobs and having a hard time giving us all the attention we SO deserve. The code inspector is coming back again on Thursday, and we're keeping fingers crossed that this time it will pass. There are still plenty of loose ends that need tying, but we should be able to meet all of the code requirements by Thursday.
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