Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rainbows and tall grass

There are often rainbows up here in Big Sky country. When we lived at The Dump, the rainbows appeared over the horse farm across the street. Now that we moved back from the road, they fall over The Dump and our neighbor's farm.

Shotgun Mike is coming this week to mow the fields, all of them. These photos are from last week, and you can probably see that the fields do indeed need mowing. The tall grass and weeds probably contributed to the really nasty fly bites I got while out there FINALLY planting the rest of those baby trees—paper birches to fill in the holes at our property line with the Seamon Farm.

Jesse the Electrician came by on Saturday morning to go over what still needs to be done. He says he will try to make it out this week to finish up his work. We very generously gave Jim the Builder some time off to finish the other house he has been working on consecutively with ours. It is a LARGE timber-frame that overlooks Otsego Lake. Part of me wants to ask why that job takes precedence over ours, when we contracted with him first, but I would rather he take the time to finish ours when he is not rushed.

I initially asked him to finish it by the end of this week. The Husband has finally left his stressful job and plans on moving up there this weekend. The Husband hates when contractors are working in the house...something I don't mind at all. In fact, I prefer to be there so I can keep an eye on The Boys. I have to make sure they do everything exactly the way I want it. Guaranteed, when I am not there, they do something wrong. Never anything too serious, but always something that cannot be undone easily. Like when they closed off the access to the master bedroom closet from the studio. Or when they hung the screen door on the back porch backward. So they flop it for me, but then hang it on the wrong side of the door frame. Now they have to chop up the frame AGAIN, and I am sure they will be annoyed that I want them to move it AGAIN. All because I wasn't there...

Overall, this house-building has gone very smoothly. Once I got past the obnoxious parts—getting the loan and getting online—it was relatively stress-free. It's a cakewalk from here.

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