Monday, June 7, 2010

Old house for sale, new house pics

This whole process has been exciting, start to finish, but somehow having the old house on the market is even more full of suspense. Other than the lovely couple who looked at it before we put it on the market, we have not had anyone inquire about it. This is a good thing, in that it gives me more time to sort out/throw out stuff, but I worry that we won't have anyone looking at it at all. I worry that I will still be sitting here 6 months from now writing blog posts while The Husband is enjoying himself up at Lester's Flat—ya know, milking the goats and picking fresh eggs at 5 am—that kinda fun stuff.

I have a call in to the realtor to correct the inaccurate information on the MLS listing. I am concerned that she is not concerned about the online information being wrong. She says she gets more drive-by business, I say EVERYBODY hunts online these days. The listing says we have two things I consider evil—vinyl flooring and carpeting throughout—and it says the house was built in 1950 when it is really from the late 1800s. The vinyl floor in the kitchen was probably the first to go, much improved (IMHO) with a terra-cotta color ceramic tile. And I spent several years ripping out all the carpeting. It was in every room, including the 2 bathrooms and the stairs.

If I were hunting for a house, I would not even look at this one, the way it is listed.

So let's focus on the happy and post the last 2 pics of the new house. The purple walls are in the studio, the little dormer that you can see on the front of the house. The doorway with the angled top leads into the master bedroom closet. Through some confusion between the builder and one of his workers, that hole got covered up. I asked them to break on through again so I can access the closet space from the studio. I really like the funny opening...builder wasn't so sure that was what I wanted...

Other pic is the master bedroom. As with the rest of the photos, everything will look much better when the real furniture moves up there.

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