Friday, June 4, 2010

Red room, green room=home rooms

Every time someone asks how the house is coming along, I have to say it is ALMOST done, and so it is. But even with just the furniture and stuff brought over from The Dump, the house is starting to feel like home. I can't wait to bring up all the furniture and stuff from here in NJ. Then I can start figuring out where everything goes and hanging things on the walls. We will probably need to have a yard sale here and another in NY to get rid of all the extra "stuff" we have accumulated. I don't want to just throw all the boxes in the basement and still have to go through it all "some day".

The hardest part is finding time to go through everything here. The more I clean up, the more messes I make. At least we can take advantage of the "anything goes" trash pick-up twice a week here in the burbs. It's also nice to have paper, glass, etc. recycling picked up right outside my door. Once we move up there, we will be hauling things to the Town Garage one bag at a time. And there is no easy way to get rid of the big stuff—other than that yard sale I was talking about...

So, back to work this weekend boxing up and sorting through. This house is up for sale now and rule Number One of staging house for sale: declutter.

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