Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot hot hot! Everywhere.

I came back yesterday from a hot new house. It was above 90° for 3 of the 6 days I was there. We agreed to go with no AC (duh!) because they all said we didn't need it.

This photo is from before I realized that the house does stay cooler if you open the windows at night and keep them closed all day. Poor Sophie was doing her best to stay cool by the fan. Big black Lester, surprisingly, doesn't mind the heat as much as Sophie. Good thing! because Lester came home with me and it has been over 100° here in NJ for the past few days. At least here we have central air.

The almost-done house is now REALLY almost done. We asked Jim the Builder to finish it before completing the garage. Richie has been out there for 3 days now, finishing up the last bits. At the top of the list was installing the last piece of screen on the back porch (finally done yesterday). Guess what? Screen porches don't work when there is one piece of screen missing. Instead, they catch the bugs and keep them trapped. I am sporting some very mosquito-bit feet to prove this.

The guys are also supposed to also install the woodstove today. Kind of a shame that they do this during the big heat wave, but step closer. I am not too worried. It will all be done soon enough.

My raindance includes a sell-this-old-house dance. That's the last "bit" left on my agenda. So far, no one is looking at my favorite NJ house... C'mon perfect family, come find us—this is a GREAT old house!

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