Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tired of squirrels

And I'll bet you're tired of hearing about them. So far today there are none, but I doubt the war is won.

I picked a few shallots today for The Husband, but they are still small. Thankfully Lester and other critters don't care for them, but we think even the small ones are tasty.

Butter lettuce is just about all gone to seed, but produced a great crop this year. Radishes are bigger than carrots, but also tougher and less spicy, so I pulled them all. I bought some cheap straggly basil in a pot at ShopRite to spread out and fill in the holes. Used my first ripe bell pepper (a purple variety) chopped up in a fresh corn salad with alien (not homegrown) tomatoes, olive oil, lime juice and basil. Very tasty!

It has been over 90° here in NJ almost every day since July 7 when I came back. So hot and sticky it takes the stuffin' right outta ya. I wish I had more energy to spend time in my struggling garden, but all I feel like doing is lounging around the house like Will. (BTW, I love the wear on the stair treads in this 120YO house.)

11:49 p.m.
No squirrels in the trap today, but at least one running loose, and one tomato in the yard for Lester.
Still, that's progress.
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