Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The squirrel and the stove

Maybe there was a problem before I went to NY, but not enough that I really paid attention. When I returned though, my backyard was littered with half-eaten green tomatoes. All of The Husband's hard work in that vegetable garden, and all of the iron fencing which keeps my tomato-loving Lester out of there, and all of those big beautiful very green tomatoes on very healthy plants (first year in awhile they're all healthy), and our last possible crop of Jersey tomatoes—all of this and some varmint is not only stealing them before they get ripe, but also wasting them by only nibbling a bit!

Lester thinks it's party time because he gets to go out and clean up the yard as often as I will let him. He's actually had a bit of a bellyache (unusual for him) from eating so many of them in their unripened state.

I have tried to discourage said varmint by sending the tomato-AND-squirrel-eating Lester out as often as possible, but I am still losing the battle. So let the war begin!

When my neighbor moved, he left me his Hav-A-Heart trap (see photo). I set it up in the garden with some half-chewed tomatoes and a baby peanut butter sandwich. This is the first year that a squirrel has taken any great interest in tomatoes, so I am hoping it is just one that I have to remove. From what I hear, squirrels can find their way home from a great distance. I have to figure out where I am going to release him that he can't find his way back. Across the river maybe? But where?

The second photo is the woodstove finally in position to be installed. I believe they succeeded in connecting it the other day, but no picture-proof just yet. The house is now complete EXCEPT for two little painting projects (3 doors that were neglected, and lots of touch-up). And I might still be missing some baseboards in the basement. They dug the trench to send electric and propane out to the garage, and they filled in the dirt around the base of the front porch to get us up to proper height. Supposedly they are coming out this week to finish EVERYTHING else (siding, roof and electric in garage, concrete driveway apron and front walk), but I suspect there will still be some loose ends.

Right about now, my new Bosch washer and dryer should be getting delivered. Thanks Husband for caving in to this last-minute big expense. The loan money is all spoken for, but I just can't bear the thought of using a laundromat for the rest of my days...

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