Sunday, July 25, 2010

Return of the dreaded squirrels and upstate cats

We have had quite a few days of a squirrel-free backyard. I knew they would eventually return, either the same nasty boys (and girls) or new ones to fill the vacuum, but I was hoping for a longer vacation—at least until some of my tomatoes finally ripen.

Back to setting the trap...

The Husband has been in NY all this time, settling into a less stressful life. He and Sophie are relaxing and gardening in much cooler weather than what we have here in steamy South Jersey. There have been so many above-90° days this summer that it has been like living in the tropics, minus the cool ocean breezes. Yesterday the heat index was 106°. How did I ever survive without air conditioning in years past?

The Husband and Sophie return today for a week. I am hoping he returns with more photos. The cellphone pics I have been posting just aren't the same quality.

All of us, including Dave and Will, our cats, are going back upstate next Sunday. We are pretty sure the cats are not going to enjoy the 4.5-hour trip, so we only want to do it once. Once they become New Yorkers, they will forever leave their cushy air-conditioned life behind. No more squirrel TV at the french doors. No more attic-window view of the birds nesting in the cedar trees. But I am sure they will find their new channels acceptable—plenty of new critters, plenty of new large screen TVs.

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  1. Sorry J! I have had to resort to talking about YOUR least favorite critter, the C-word. Not much else to blog about until we actually move up there...

  2. very funny- you were about to lose me with the cat stuff-
    and i disagree- there are many things more interesting than cats- your move, packing, unpacking- how about a travelogue of your nearby new neighborhoods?
    is the garage done? plantings? ?!

  3. Alright, alright, I will do my best to be more interesting. I'll get right on it, chief!

  4. Here's something interesting: I got $50 cash money at Edelman's today for those sterling candlesticks you didn't pack for me! I should give the money to you for suggesting it! The appraiser was a bit grumpy about it, but I thought it was a pretty good deal.