Wednesday, July 14, 2010

About being wrong, the squirrel war, and the wash

11 a.m.
Empty trap
The only orange(ish) tomato of the whole garden left chewed on the deck, and another big green one in the side yard.

I am going into work today, so I won't load the trap again with peanut butter until I get home. Don't want the poor thief to be stuck in there all day, and don't want to catch anything other than a squirrel! I should have known they weren't going to be enticed into a trap for a few small pieces of tomato when they have a whole garden full of big juicy ones. I really thought it was only that special 1 or 2 who had developed a penchant for green tomatoes. Wrong again. The war continues...

And here's the pic of the new washer and dryer installed. Now The Husband just has to figure out how it works without my assistance. Everyone knows that men don't read instruction manuals!

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