Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Selling the old house, planting the new garden

I had never heard of this before, but apparently there is some internet craziness (imagine that!) about how burying a little plastic St. Joseph statue along with lots of praying helps people trying to sell their house. My uncle the Monsignor says that praying might help, but burying a $10 plastic statue in your backyard will not. I would never have done this on my own, but a few days after my sister told me about it, a package arrived from my friend, J. Catholic hocus pocus is what she calls it, but J says it worked for her. Of course she sold her house when prices were crazy high and lots of people were looking...

Yesterday my realtor called to say she has given them to 2 people, and both times it worked. Being very Catholic herself, she recommended setting poor St. Joe on the windowsill rather than burying him head-down in the backyard. So I did. I made up my own pathetic little prayer, placed him in the front window, and apologized for the embarrassment.

Maybe St. Joe combined with lowering the price $5k will get things moving (literally).

The Husband appears to be enjoying his temporary retirement. He has quite the garden plot going in NY (photo), and left me here to maintain the one he started in NJ.

Here we have tomatoes, purple bell peppers, 2 varieties of hot peppers, radishes, lettuce, shallots and sunflowers. The NY garden has tomatoes and sunflowers as well, along with corn, squash and buckwheat (an experiment). Previous crops up there were destroyed by groundhogs and deer which are even more destructive than the s-words.

So what have we learned thus far? Chicken wire is our friend.
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