Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sending peaceful thoughts to all

Seems like everyone is somewhat stressed...

Little Sister's house deal fell through. OR Sis was all excited by my blog post the other day...sadly did not happen...

(FYI Little Sister: Gas prices today were $3.33!)

Our realtor wants us to come down another $15,000, even though we have already come down $20,000.

My NJ neighbor kindly fostered a pitty pooch who needed a home because her owner died. Pitty pooch was great, but nervous, and peed in the house when left alone.

I am busy with work (a very good thing!) but couldn't even get out the driveway yesterday to get the mail because Mr. Kelley's snowblower broke down and blocked my exit.

All else is good, but sending positive vibes to anyone who wants them. Photo should have babbling brook sounds attached...I'll work on that...

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