Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sun and snow and someone to rescue The Dump

Just a few minutes before I took this photo, it was snowing so hard you couldn't see the trees—a real whiteout. And then, like magic, the sun started shining and the snow just stopped. And then just about an hour later, it started again, as you can see in the second 2 photos. The Husband was out for one of his long walks on the back forty...I just don't understand why he likes to walk in this...or how for that matter!

I got a response to an ad for the Detroiter that I put on a website called Tin Can Tourists. I did a few searches on "Detroiter" and found them. The ad got almost 200 hits in just half a day. Fletch, from Fletcher's Vintage Trailers in Trumansburg, NY, called to see about taking all the louvered windows and the 2 exterior doors. He also wants the taillights. As long as we don't have another whiteout, he should be here sometime tomorrow morning to pick up everything. He's travelling a whole 100 miles to save The Dump from the dump! Check out his site, there's some pretty interesting stuff on there...if you're into that sort of thing...

The Craig's List ads produced a few folks who were mildly interested in other parts from the trailer, but they were supposed to call and come out this afternoon, and I haven't heard from anyone yet. And Jim (who worked on my house) said he might be interested in some of the other windows, but I still have to get back in there and measure for him.

So now I just have to say a little prayer that David The Dump-Remover doesn't change his mind about taking it away. His girlfriend just had a baby last week, so he's a bit distracted. Happy Birth Day, Cora!
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  1. Hi

    I would like permission to reproduce your great photo of snow obliterating small trees on your posting 'Sun and snow and someone to rescue the dump'. I write poetry, and would like your image (attributed to you) to accompany my short poem 'White-out' on my poetry website
    Best wishes
    Ivor Murrell in Suffolk, UK.

    My website is


    1. I would be honored to have you use my photo with one of your poems. I ask only that you send me a link to the website when you post it. The name of this blog @gmail is my e-mail address if you want to send it to me. And my real name is Kathleen Peters if you do feel obliged to give me credit. Nice to meet you, Ivor in Suffolk.