Saturday, February 12, 2011

White, white, white

While I was taking the snowy pictures in the previous post, The Husband was out wandering in the back forty. I might have mentioned that I don't know why or how he does that, but I did make a point of sending him out with my little camera while I was using his. These are his photos from today, taken about the same time as mine.

The boots photo really shows how difficult it is to walk out there in 20" of snow (again, why?) and the second photo shows how white it can get when the snow starts flying. I would love to say that we are all warm and cozy sitting by the woodstove here tonight, but truth is we are running out of good firewood, so we turned the heat back on in the living room.

Still pretty cozy, considering.

Good wishes to Little Sister, who may have sold her own old NJ house today...
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