Monday, January 30, 2012

Cats on the sofa (not for Ms. J!)

We had a sunny and not terribly cold weekend at Lester's Flat, nice enough to let the chickens roam free to take their little chicken minds off of beating each other up. The chicken patient is recovering nicely in her private bed in the garage. I am curious to see how long it takes for those feathers to grow back, and even more curious to see what happens when we re-introduce her to the others in the coop. She was already at the bottom of the pecking order, how much lower can she go?

I am getting tired of talking about patients, and even more tired of being their nurse, so here are some photos of 2 happy, healthy, spoiled cats: Will and Dave. Those 6 big windows in the living room let in a lot of sunlight on that sofa. Get the woodstove fired up and the sofa is often the best seat in the house. Sometimes the humans are allowed to sit there as well.

The Husband celebrated his 56th birthday on Saturday by staying home and being pampered by his loving wife. I would have more photos of him on the blog, but I am banned from showing his face on here...which is fine, because the loving wife doesn't really want her face up here either!

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