Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It feels like Spring!

Sophie's back, Red Momma is healing, hens and Roo are roaming—it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Supposed to reach 50° here tomorrow, February 1.

You can tell Sophie is all better when she recaptures her favorite spot (the sofa) in her favorite position (belly up). She gave us quite the scare.

I had to add a heat lamp to the Chicken Hospital last night, because Red Momma was shivering in there and looking very pathetic. Her feathers are coming back, but so far they are just little stubs with none of the feathery parts to keep her warm. She is thankful for the warm front that came through today that brought lots of sunshine along with it. The Chicken Hospital is now in the sun, the best kind of warmth there is.

Since the others have been in a frenzy being locked up in the coop, I let them roam again today. There are still some snowy patches out there, snowy patches with unidentified animal tracks in them, but I need to wear them out so that they stop beating up on each other. I would almost rather have one taken away by a predator than pecked to death by her sibling. Almost...

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