Friday, January 20, 2012

Sophie's feeling better!

We all had a rough week here at Lester's Flat. Sophie developed some mysterious illness last weekend, and then has been through a week from hell. Even after $1000 of diagnostics, including a trip to Albany for an ultrasound, no one can figure out exactly what is going on that caused her 107° temperature (really bad for a dog!).

Her fever came down and then spiked again on Tuesday night. After lots of fluid and meds, it has been normal since then. We brought her home to spend the night after our long trip to the ultrasound doc on Wednesday, but she had such a bad night here that we really thought she was making her last trip to the vet yesterday morning. But our new favorite vet, Dr. Huntsman, said "no way!" she is not giving up on Sophie just yet. Just 24 hours later, after another night here at home, the old girl is much improved. She reluctantly posed for this photo this morning, but said for me to tell you that it is not fair to take a photo when a girl is at her worst. I think you can see what she is saying if you just gaze into those eyes of hers!

Big shout out to all the folks at Cooperstown Vet for taking such good care of my old girl during a week where they are seriously understaffed and overflowing with animals. They have several chickens, a noisy baby pygmy goat, a stray kitten named Paulie who had to have all his hair shaved, and a huge sad Newfie who needed emergency surgery.

I am going back to pick up my girl right now. She is staying here for the weekend to see how she does. She says get me out of this crazy place, and back to my crazy home where I promise to get better!

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  1. Jersey Girl1/23/12, 4:15 PM

    I hope you are feeling better, Sophie!!!! We are still praying for you!!!