Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Even colder than the last report!

Cold as in single digits, even in daylight. Not much to report, but wanted to post a few family photos from the holidays. These are from The Husband's visit back to NJ to meet the latest addition to the family, Colin. In the photo above, he is sitting with Nana, age 90. I think we all know who the other guy is in the other two photos.

I have been spending these cold days in the house by the woodstove, reading Steve Jobs' biography (a Christmas gift from Brother John). Having been a Mac addict for all of my computing days, it is fascinating, not only to look inside the mind of this grumpy but brilliant man, but also to read the history of Apple, the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad... (These iPhone photos are pretty good quality, Steve. Of course, some credit must go to the photographer, Sarah, who is Auntie to the little cutie.)

I find it especially interesting that Steve Jobs was only a year older than me. What effect have I had on the world in my 55 years?

And who knew that he dated Joan Baez?

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  1. Jersey Girl1/5/12, 2:22 PM

    Well, in your 55 years, you are an awesome BIG sister even from so far away!