Friday, January 22, 2010

A busy day

I was going to make a slide show of everything that has been done in these few days, but I am tired of sitting in front of the computer. So these are the 2 pics that best sum up the day's events.

The first is my new shower. Not completely finished, but finished enough for me to finally get clean. There was a time this morning when the shower was ready, but we couldn't get the water to stay hot. A call to Bruce the Plumber who installed the Baxi boiler, and then a quick read of the instruction manual for it, and I was a happy, clean girl.

The second photo is L and S on their way out to The Dump to boil up some spinach penne for my dinner. I have a microwave and a few other appliances here, but no good way to cook up a pot of pasta. The electricity is still on in The Dump (the heat is not) so we wandered over with our box of penne and prepared to boil...only one problem...forgot the water. So we had to go back to the house and then drive back with our big bottle of water. We steamed up the frozen Dump while we were waiting.

The penne was great with some hot sausage marinara that The Husband cooked up in NJ earlier in the week.

There is a decent amount of snow on the ground here, but mostly it has been sunny and very pretty. The dogs are having a great time running around in the snow, but Lester is pretty much limited to the driveway because the wet snow is just deep enough to hang up his old legs. He made a heroic effort to get to the creek (without me, because I was in my slippers with no socks). Luckily for both of us he aborted his trek about halfway. Sophie and I met him at the back door to save him a few precious feet on his return.

Going home tomorrow. I will post some more photos afterward.

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