Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First accomplishment of the year

My $45 vanity has been transformed into a thing of beauty. Thanks, Gary the Farm Table Guy! Now I just have to find out when the cobalt glass top and sink will be ready.

Rooms are being painted.

The Dump is officially decommisioned, disconnected and frozen, although it still has all my frozen furniture, computer and printer, and a running refrigerator with not much food in it. Should be interesting to see how that all works out.

Steve my Verizon Hero is going to disconnect the DSL at The Dump tomorrow and hook up to the new house. Since I am pretty sure I have a job to do when we are going to be up there soon, I am hoping all is good with my connection AND my computer.

Kitchen cabinets might be delivered tomorrow.

I am bringing with me the kitchen vent hood, wall sconces for the master bath, light fixtures for the basement, and Med the Blacksmith's wrought iron cabinet knobs.

I think I got better flooring prices from Krazy Tom's, but don't think Jim ordered yet.

Moving along nicely.

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