Saturday, January 16, 2010

Drop your Photoshop. Architect to the rescue.

Thanks to Susan the Architect, I think we now have plenty of porch designs to choose from. Maybe I should just go back to working with a pencil. These are so simple and beautiful. Or maybe I should just allow the architect to do what she does best—house design—and stick to what I do best—graphic design.

I am very excited to be going up next week, even though the living conditions won't be perfect. And maybe I can do some detective work to find out why our propane bills are so high. I thought we had a very efficient house, and I wasn't planning on paying over $300 a month just for heat, when nobody is even living there.

But for now I am enjoying some balmy weather in south Jersey. It's going up to 50° today, unusual for mid-January.

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