Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Progress on porch design, ordering paint and floors

I talked to Jim the Builder yesterday. In preparation for a visit from me next week, he is going to make a working bathroom, install some of the light fixtures, and move some necessary items over from the frozen Dump. I was going to hang out in the basement while they are still working inside, but the 12YO Lester is not so good at going up and down the steps. So Jim is going to set me up in the music room on the first floor.

Should be interesting to see if my frozen iMac and printer can be thawed out and hooked up to my DSL connection, which I think was successfully transferred to Lester's Flat.

I have been working on a design for my porch brackets. I am settled on the shape of these brackets, which I stole from the corner details on my old screen door that I brought up there for the back porch. But I am not settled on what goes between the posts, where the little square frame is in this photo.

I paid for my paint order yesterday, and changed the finish from satin (it's called pearl in Benjamin Moore paints) to eggshell. The paint that was already mixed will remain in the pearl finish. Luckily, the library was one of the already mixed paints, and The Husband likes that "lacquer green" color to be nice and shiny. I also left the bathrooms as pearl finish.

I called in the order for my bamboo flooring. Krazy Tom's in Cooperstown gave me some good prices—better than what Jim was going to get from his source. Should take about 2 weeks to come in.

Kitchen cabinets were delivered yesterday.

I can't wait to see what it all looks like next week.

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