Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Enough already!

We had 20" of snow on Friday and Saturday, and now another 18" predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Jim the Builder said there are only 5" in the snowy North Country. Snowmobile enthusiast that he is—he wants our snow.

But I have had enough! It is great for wearing out the Puppy Head. She is absolutely hysterical to watch out there in snow that still is over her head in some spots. But put 18" on top of that? We may never find her again.

It is the timing that really bothers me. The Husband and I are supposed to go up to the new house on Thursday morning. Miss Ruby/Puppy Head is going to stay with another foster Mom while we are gone. I would love to take her with us, but we would have trouble fitting her in the car with us and the dogs. We wouldn't have room to take her crate with us, so all that crate-training would go down the tubes. And I don't trust her enough to let her run offleash with my guys up there. Imagine trying to walk her onleash, which she isn't very good at, through the snow with my guys running free...

The good news is that the kitchen cabinets, oven and dishwasher have been installed, and Todd the Soapstone Guy is coming out with Karen the Kitchen Designer today to make the template for the countertops. I think the soapstone sink is finished, and it may even get installed today as well. Jim has been working on tiling the upstairs bath. The painting is finished. Not sure if they started installing the trim. Bamboo floors are in at Krazy Tom's, and hopefully Jim picked them up to "cure" in the house for a week or 2. Cork floors have been ordered and paid for, but not in yet. Cobalt blue glass top for the upstairs vanity should be delivered "any day now". Farm Table Guy is working on the island.

And the best news: the woodstove installation issue has finally been resolved. I talked to Jim on the phone yesterday. He said I was "very crafty" in coming up with my little illustration of the proper installation (see above). A nice long talk with Tom at the store where I bought it, and a little Photoshop knowledge goes a long way toward clearing up the fuzzy directions.

I hope the weather doesn't mess with our plans. Again, I can't wait to see the progress.

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