Friday, February 19, 2010

Medicine cabinet and dining room

Photoshop to the rescue...again.

It's a good way to convince The Husband of what I am talking about. He seemed unconvinced when I brought home a white medicine cabinet from Home Depot yesterday. "Why white?" he asked. With the dark chocolate brown walls, pure white trim, white sink, toilet and shower base, it seemed to me the best solution. Yesterday I found a really nice handmade one online for $486, white distressed milk paint on poplar, but things are moving so quickly at the house and the money is starting to run out, so this $99 alternative seemed a good choice, even if it isn't a fine piece of furniture. I could have gotten an oak one to match the vanity, but the cheap oak cabinets looked much cheaper than the cheap white ones.

The last of the photos from our last visit is the dining room. (Please note the useful folding table from the back of the CR-V.) With all the light coming through the windows, it was hard to get a good shot, even on this cloudy day. My single french door is hiding on the left, there are the 3 big windows newly trimmed, a painted white tongue-and-groove ceiling, and don't forget the toaster on the floor.

It is a very comfortable space, and yet another reason to thank Susan the architect for her fine work. Thanks, Susan! (I know you are lurking and silently checking the blog!)

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