Monday, February 22, 2010

Up-to-date for Tom Swifty

I just realized after being teased by a friend, that if you check the blog for the first time, you might get confused by what was on the first few pages: a great photo of The Dump, a pic of Lester and Sophie, and some not-so-interesting photos of a medicine cabinet, some unfinished rooms, a foster dog, and Palmyra Cove.

So the blog gets a makeover today. The new house is prominently featured, and if you look closely, The Dump is still there (in the background on the left). I added a bit more information to my profile, but I retained some of our mystery.

Lester says if this house is really for him, we should have built it without stairs—he's getting too old to climb them. So I came clean and admitted that it is really for us. He is owner in name only. He says he's cool with that.

Three Dog Night and I are coming up again next week, and Jim the Builder said he hopes to have the whole upstairs complete by then so we can move out of the music room on the first floor to the master bedroom on the second. Do they make stair chairs for dogs? And can we get this third wheel adopted by then?

A girl can dream, can't she?

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