Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day at Lester's Flat

We've had a very pleasant stay at Lester's Flat for Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend. Convenient that we were up here to witness the stealing of our $25 dock by a neighbor who said he was rescuing it..."I am so happy I found out who it belongs to!" This after he already had it set up in his little man-made pond on the edge of his and our property.

We did some Lowe's shopping yesterday and came back with a good deal on a Kohler shower door, some small slate tiles to finish off the edging of the shower surround upstairs, and some samples to do the same in the downstairs bath. We actually managed to fit the 6' shower door in the CR-V and bring it back with us. I hope that Jim is impressed...he thought we were going to have it shipped from Lowe's Herkimer store to Lowe's Oneonta so that he could pick it up for us.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we had an expensive Riesling from Moore Brothers (Pennsauken, NJ) some smoked salmon, prosciutto, NY cheddar; then steak (broiled in the toaster oven) and baked (microwaved) potatoes and a few sliced Campari tomatoes for dinner.

Ruby the Foster Child is fitting in much too well. It will be hard to give her up if anyone does want to adopt her...

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