Thursday, February 18, 2010

Painted rooms

OK, so these photos of painted walls are not that exciting, but all the painting is completed, so I am excited. They finished downstairs first, and here are the master bedroom (with cathedral ceiling) and my little purple studio in the dormer, both upstairs. They were working on installing the window trim when we left. Baseboards go in after the flooring.

Jim said he expects the cork floors to be installed upstairs, and the upstairs bath completed, maybe even by the first week of March when I return (sans husband). Then the dogs and I can stay up there while they are working on the flooring downstairs.

Soapstone counters are installed on March 3, so I may even have a working kitchen by then.

There is still a lot of work for Jesse the Electrician to finish up. I hope that he can install some of the light fixtures before I come back, and it would be nice to have the air exchanger connected to clear the air of all the dust and odors that come with a tight house under construction.

We are trying to be as green as we can, but I admit that I cut costs on the paint. Although I did spring for Benjamin Moore paints throughout (about $40 a gallon), I didn't think the extra cost (about $50 a gallon) for low- or zero-VOC paints was acceptable. And, in case anyone from Benjamin Moore checks in here: the guys had a terrible time trying to cover up the roller marks in the paint. Yes, we used all medium to dark colors, but isn't that why we paid for your premium paint? Someone told them that it was because of the eggshell finish, but they had the same problem with the pearl finish, and I thought that flatter finishes were supposed to cover better.

I am still searching for the perfect medicine cabinet for the master bath. It seems there are only 2 types available—either really cheap ($68 to $150) laminated or painted fake wood, or really expensive ($500 to $1500). I am looking for the in between.

I'll keep looking.

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