Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everything AND the kitchen sink

So far I have only posted pics of Ruby and our Valentine meal from this trip, but I did take several photos of the inside of Lester's Flat. We are back in snowy NJ (it's snowing again, but only lightly). I have enough photos for a few more days' posting. The house looks just great! The guys were there starting at 7:30 am on both Friday and Monday, and The Husband and I answered all the questions that came our way. Jim the Builder was indeed impressed that we fit the shower door in the CR-V and carted it home. He also approved of our choices of tile borders for the 2 showers...both clearance sale items and a real bargain.

The kitchen is looking like a real kitchen, just waiting for the soapstone counters to be installed March 3, my next trip up. There was some confusion about the sink installation, a bit too much wood cut away from the cabinet, but I think Richie can make it right before I come back. The sink itself, also soapstone, is beautiful. I did want the front of it to be ground down more than it is, to look like it had been used for many years, but Todd the Stone Guy can do that when he comes back with the counters. Shout out to Karen the Kitchen Designer for guiding us through this complicated process. Unlike most designers, she worked well with us and actually listened to what we wanted.

We had a nice visit from cousins Chris and Greg. Greg supplied the muffins, we supplied the coffee and the latest chapter in the traveling $25 dock saga. Since Greg invested a lot of time and effort in its initial installation, and its subsequent cold-water rescue, he was pleased that we were able to track it down.

Both guys seemed to approve of how Lester's Flat is shaping up. It may actually be finished, except for the garage, by Easter week, when The Husband comes back up again.

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