Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three Dog Night

Yeah, I know, you have to be old to remember that group, but it is the perfect title for this post.

We made the trip north again today: Lester, Sophie, Ruby and me. Ruby puked in the front seat twice, about 15 minutes before we got here. I thought I had covered everything up pretty well with her bedding in the front seat, but she still managed to trash my jacket which was stuffed underneath.

All three are sleeping comfortably right now...my guys on the floor...diva on my bed. As I suspected, Jim the builder had the guys move all my stuff up from the music room on the first floor into the master bedroom on the second. Unfortunately, he also moved my only internet jack up here.

So we entertained ourselves downstairs for a bit, having dinner by the dining room windows with the 3 of them running around like they were all puppies. Then I tried to convince Lester to come upstairs. He bravely gave it a shot, but Ruby was jumping all over him, so he aborted after about 3 steps.

I tried again a few times, but he refused. So I leashed the little monster to scaffolding downstairs, and practically dragged Lester up here. He was nervous and panting and wandering all around. When I unleashed monster, she was all over him again. He ended up hiding in the closet in the library. I had to block the stairs to keep him from going back down. I think I am probably going to put his bed at the bottom of the stairs and let him sleep down there. Who knows what I will do with him during the day while the guys are working.

The good news is: I took Miss Ruby to Adoption Day at Petco on Sunday, and several people were interested in adopting her. Now they just have to get through the difficult application and house check. I am praying that someone will be approved to adopt her, and that she will go to her new perfect home this weekend. We love her dearly, but 3 dogs is one dog too many. My 2 old dogs will definitely miss her, but will also be relieved to see her go. That pretty much sums it up for me too.

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