Friday, March 19, 2010

Faucets and fostering

I got the great news on St. Patty's Day that my blue glass vanity top was finally delivered to the store in Oneonta after a 3-month wait. And then yesterday, I got the even better news that it was a really rich cobalt blue, which I was worried about, because the sample was more like sky blue. And then the bad news: they drilled the holes for a 4" center faucet, and I already have the 8" widespread faucet. ARRRGGGHHH! (grunted with an Irish brogue, of course)

So now I have to decide if I want to go with the 4"-faucet, which isn't actually smaller than the other, but looks different because it sits up on a base (see photos) or wait to have a new sink top delivered to Oneonta on March 30, and then hope we can get it installed while we are up there that week. I think the downstairs bathroom sink will probably be installed by then (when they finish tiling the floor) so we will have one working sink...

I am very happy that these major dilemmas are actually very minor, considering the fact that we are building a whole house, but it is frustrating to be so close to the end and have these things still on my mind.

And then there's that adorable foster pup, still hanging out with us, and becoming more adorable and more attached with each week that goes by. I resolved my differences, as best I could, with the wacky rescue people, but we still don't have another home for her to go to. There was one phone call about her, but so far no say a little prayer for the little one!

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