Thursday, March 11, 2010

Making amends

So Todd went out to inspect the damage earlier this week. He thinks he can wet-sand the bottom of the sink to make up the difference, but I want some sort of agreement that if he makes it worse, it is on him to replace it. Problem is: it would be very difficult to remove the undermount sink which is glued to the counter, which is glued to the backsplash, which is glued to the wall. Let's hope we don't have to go there...

I think it will all work out, and I won't pay him a cent until it does.

Jim the Builder chose a good time to go on vacation. I hope that no one called him to tell him this latest drama.

The guys should be working on finishing up installing all the interior doors and the baseboard trim. Then I think they are moving on to laying the bamboo floor in the kitchen and dining room. Then on to the slate floor in the living room, foyer, and the bathroom downstairs. Then installing the woodstove (I think we resolved the wall issues) and replacing the utility sink in the bathroom with the real thing.

We are nearing the end...maybe even by Easter when we go back up. But the garage (and a generator for power outages) will have to wait until all the snow clears. Considering that it has been hovering around 60° all week here in south Jersey (the snow crocuses are blooming!) I think spring will be moving north pretty soon.

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