Monday, March 29, 2010

Sinks and disappointing sinks

With much hope the blue glass top is well on its way to being made correctly this time. We discovered today that the other sink (in the downstairs bath) was also screwed up—the part where the plumbing connects to the bottom (drain) is chipped and cannot be connected (according to Bruce the Plumber). So back to Northrup's we go on Wednesday.

I am also returning the handheld shower connection. Initially the guys hooked up the shower head which came with everything else (Moen). It worked fine, and looked great, but I had already paid for the handheld unit which would have been useful for washing dogs in the tub and other practical things. When I had the plumber remove the nice Moen showerhead and connect the handheld, I realized it didn't work as well, and looked pretty awful in comparison. And then I found out I paid $145 for back it goes.

The sink, in the same downstairs bath, was a showroom sample ($50). Good deal. But whether it was already damaged, or happened here after delivery is still up for discussion. Either way, it is the reason we have no working bathroom sink and have to brush our teeth in the kitchen.

So, all is going well, considering. I still haven't taken any new pix, but I will in the next few days. Be looks perfect...even if it isn't.

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