Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another good day

…except that Jim P was sick, and Jim the Builder on vacation at the in-laws in AZ, so Richie was here by himself all day with just me and 3 dogs as helpers. We provided the entertainment and snarling and that was about it.

He finished up the dark bamboo floor in the music room, installed the vanity in the master bath, and hung 2 interior doors.

Tomorrow, Bruce the Plumber is supposed to come and connect the kitchen sink, master bath shower and toilet. We also need to discuss a well-water-treatment for the reddish iron stains in the downstairs toilet and shower. And Jerry is supposed to connect the oven, dishwasher and cooktop so that I can test the new kitchen before I leave.

Friends Jane and Mac should be stopping by in the afternoon for a full tour. I don't think they've seen it since the sheetrock went up.

Now if only Jesse the Electrician would come and hook-up some of my light fixtures...

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