Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stone repair and foster dogs

Todd the Stone Guy was there yesterday and repaired the sink. I will wait to pay him until I can approve of his work in 2 weeks. He also hired Lizzie the Cleaning Lady to come in and do her best to remove the stone dust which is covering everything. The biggest problem is that it is all over the newly painted walls and newly installed flooring, and it doesn't just mop up like normal dust. But that will be Lizzie and Todd's problem to resolve, not mine to worry about.

Ruby, my foster pup, does not appear to be finding a home anytime soon. I am pretty sure this has something to do with the rescue group which is sponsoring her, and the pathetic bio they have of her on Petfinder.com. If I read all that they say is wrong with her, I wouldn't adopt her either. I say she is still the best behaved pup we have ever had here.

When I suggested yesterday that we might be "forced" to adopt her because she is just so darn cute, I was told that they won't adopt her to us either. I guess we are good enough to provide her "emergency foster" care for the past 7 weeks, but not good enough to provide her "Furever" home?

I am disgusted with these people! Now I know why so many caring folks refuse to adopt a rescue dog...because of agencies like this who make it so difficult. Kim, I hope you are reading this: Don't you know that you are defeating your own cause and promoting adoption from backyard breeders and pet stores when you treat people (and dogs) this way?

Poor Ruby!

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