Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Three dog day!

...much better than the night.

Lester was still nervous and pacing for most of last night. He tried to wake us all at 5 am, but I insisted on staying in bed until 6:30. Then Richie was here promptly at 7:30 and the fun began.

Karen the Kitchen Designer showed up at 10:30, as Todd the Stone Guy was supposed to be here between 10 and 11 am. He showed up around 11:20, which meant that Karen had to leave shortly thereafter to get back to work. I sent her some photos.

Richie was doing window trim in the basement, while Jim was sealing slate in the upstairs bath (very smelly, windows open and heat down to 50°). Stone guys were grinding stone and creating a lot of noise and dust, and finally gluing pieces together that got us all high even with the doors and windows open (which may explain our frequent high propane charges).

The interior doors were delivered just after Jim the Builder and Jerry showed up. Richie and Jim P moved on to installing the dark bamboo flooring in the music room.

Ruby the Foster Dog was her usual snarly self with Richie and Jim P in the morning, but as the day went on and more and more folks were going in and out, she gave up trying to control the situation. As the doors were open most of the time, I spent most of the day shivering and trying to find missing dogs outside. Luckily (I guess) the remaining snow from last week's storm is still about 2 feet deep, so only little energetic Foster Dog was able to romp around out there. There will be no creek visits on this trip!

More progress on the house and more photos tomorrow.

And maybe good news on the little monster: her possible adopters passed the first round of the test, now they just have to make it through the home check and she could go to her "Furever" home this weekend. (Animal Friends Furever is the name of the rescue group.) This is reason to celebrate! I think I need a glass of wine!

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