Friday, March 5, 2010

A half-good day

Richie and Jim were both here today and accomplished quite a bit. They hung several doors, and Richie, all by himself, unloaded the doors that came a day late (backorder) and even carted them up the stairs by himself (no easy task). Jim was still under the weather (head cold) but a vegetable beef soup from Mary's Pantry got him breathing and almost back to normal.

The photos are of Lester inspecting the finished dark bamboo floor in the music room, and the 4 porch brackets hanging with their first coat of paint. Looking good.

The downside of today was all on the stone guy: stone dust everywhere—the guys will have to clean every surface in the house before proceeding with any finish work. That, and the nice Kohler drain for the sink required another hour or two of grinding before it would fit. The heavier gauge nice chrome drain did not fit in the same hole as the cheapy one that Todd the Stone Guy supplied.

The real problem du jour was the fact that the soapstone sink is tilted to the back by a 1/4", so the water doesn't drain through the center drain. It builds up (and stays) in the back of the sink. All of the guys here today said it would be impossible to fix because sink and counter and backsplash are all epoxied in place. I am calling Karen the Kitchen Designer tomorrow morning to see if she can make it right. We'll see how that all plays out...

The other good news: Jesse the Electrician came out and hooked up several of the lighting fixtures (pictures to follow). The other bad news: he connected the front porch light over top of the only front door key which was hidden in that box. Can't lock the front door when I leave tomorrow. I've already made the phone calls...


  1. love everything! it's really looking like home- hopefully all the glitches will work out-
    talk to you soon- j

  2. Just can't build a house without a few glitches! Overall I think it is going very well.