Friday, April 2, 2010

Finally some photos

The disappointing sinks are still disappointing. The bath showroom does not want to take credit for the chipped $50 showroom sample, so Bruce the Plumber is going to have to make it work. I really thought after spending a few thousand $$$ there, that they would give me a $50 credit toward a new $110 sink.

I also thought that I could return the disappointing $145 handheld shower, but they are putting it "on consignment" so I just have to hope that they can sell it for that amount...we'll see...

But, as I have said all along, if these are the worst issues I have to deal with when building a whole house, I still think I am pretty lucky.

After a few days of heavy rain, the weather has been positively spring-like, possibly even reaching 80° tomorrow. Three Dog Night all think they got a pretty good deal as well, although the creek is running a bit too fast for any early swimming.

The Husband has been out there pruning trees and cleaning up lots of brush from previous prunings, while I have been putting shelves in the kitchen cabinets and trying to organize the few things I have to put in them. Even though the cleaning lady cleaned everything, including the inside of the cabinets, the dust is still settling. I am hoping that having the windows all open for a few days will help blow away some of that persistent stone dust.

If you click on the 3 photos here, in the larger version you will see the bamboo floor and new light fixtures in the kitchen, the black slate tiles in the entry and living room, and the cork floor in the bedroom. You might also notice the little black Ruby on my bed, and the porch brackets on the living room floor by the windows...

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