Friday, April 9, 2010

Door locks, spring and old vinyl

Chose a new version of the Schlage lockset for the front door. The cheapy doorknob from brother Bill's bedroom is helpful no more. Jim had to replace it with another temporary one until he could get the pretty new one.

It is very much spring here in NJ. It was up to 90° on Wednesday, but back to 57° today. All of the trees are getting leaves, daffodils and tulips are blooming, and even lilacs are ready to open.

My favorite cardiologist (hi Dr. W!) is stopping by to pick up some old record albums tomorrow. We saw him at a house concert a few weeks ago, and met his teenage son who collects old vinyl. Boy can we hook him up! Between the duplicates and rejects from our 2 separate collections, and the boxes more that I cleared out of brother Bill's room (see above), young Mr. W is going to have to cart away a few hundred "classics". I might have to photograph a few before they leave...

And just found out that 2 more applications for the foster monster were rejected. This is likely to go on forever! That's OK with me, she is adorable after all.

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