Friday, April 30, 2010

Five-year fridge fiasco, or bad fridge mojo

The Husband will hate that I am yet again complaining about my ongoing refrigerator dilemmas, but so be it.

We have only been in The Dump since 2005. The first fridge I bought for there was a small Kenmore...perfect size for close quarters...never worked right from day 1. After some battling with Sears and a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and some more battling with Sears, I finally got my money back AND had them come to haul it away. Thank you, Sears, for your cooperation.

I took some heat from the Hub because I purchased that one online. As he always says "What have we learned from this?" I ordered the new one, in September 2006, from a local dealer that someone recommended. I spent twice what I did on the small (12 cu ft) Kenmore, and got a bigger (15 cu ft) Frigidaire...with a promise from the salesman that they sell a lot of these and no one ever has a problem...

Same problem: after using from September to November, we shut it off and left in the frozen trailer until we came back in the spring. When we come back, it doesn't work, just like the Kenmore. The crazy repairman from the appliance store comes out and tells us his whole life history. Literally 3 hours of talk for a 10-minute repair. Now, after 3 years and 5 more 3-hour repairs, not cooling again.

This time I am giving up and accepting the 50% rebate (thank you, Electrolux!) for a replacement fridge. But it has to be another Frigidaire. So I am saying a little prayer that this doesn't just prolong this fridge fiasco for another 5 years.

I also have to pray that there is just enough wiggle room to put this even bigger (18 cu ft) fridge in the hole that was designed for the current one. The smaller ones are only available in white, and my new handsome kitchen demands black or stainless. If it doesn't fit, you will hear my sobbing from wherever you are. And if it doesn't work? I will sign up for the extra insurance to cover my bad-mouthing some of the perps here on my little blog

I apologize to my readers, but the Hub doesn't want to hear any more fridge stories. I know, you don't either...but I have to vent somewhere!

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